Madison Bordeaux cask bottling

Any progress on the Madison bottling? Been a month since I redeemed and no updates - making me slightly nervous.


I emailed and was told the last person had paid and it was now being shipped. A bit of a lame excuse but it is what it is.

Still waiting for this…what a joke

Come on Still In Cask owners, this is not a great experience for the first release. I don’t mind that it’s taking a while (although this delay seems unreasonable), but I’d be happier if you kept us up to date as to what is happening.

Still no sign of my bottle. Paid for this in January. What’s happening? Not good for the first cask from StillinCask.

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Still nothing here either. I’ve reached out to SIC and got a lame ass response about these companies being small businesses. I’ve had colleagues in France try to contact the distillery with no success.

Needless to say this does make me doubt future purchases. It’s all well and good having the platform but actually there’s not much consumer protection here. I will speak to my card issuer soon to look at the possibility of a charge back.

I’ve held off buying any more shares unless and until I feel confident that this isn’t another whisky scam.

It’s not a scam. Although I was on the verge of thinking the same at one point. It took another email to SIC, they forwarded it to the Distillery and last Friday three bottles turned up unannounced from a UK supplier.

Recommend following suit if you’re still waiting.

Good luck

I had a colleague in France call them and he was told last week that they had JUST started shipping.

Then we get this email yesterday. “The journey is convoluted” no it’s not. It’s from Bordeaux to England, a journey that millions of litres of wine makes. The distillery should be ashamed and SIC should not list their products anymore.

Arrived today, 6 months after I made payment. Really hope it’s worth the wait! Packaging was non existent in box - bottle rolling around in it.