Forum Introductions

Hi all!
I didn’t see a thread for general introductions, so here it is. Please do drop a note to let everyone know who you are! I’ll start:

My name is Vin PF and in my spare time I run a small YouTube channel called No Nonsense Whisky.
I’m here to test the waters on a bit of cask ownership but starting slowly. I will probably add shares slowly over time and see how it goes. Very much looking forward to seeing some bottles hitting!
So far I’ve just purchased a Circumstance share. What do you have?

Hi, I am new to this forum - so, yes, testing the water. I don’t usually get involved.

I have a couple of shares in the Circumstance cask, and six in the Nc’ Nean cask. Which is what I came for in the first place.

I do own a cask at Bruichladdich, bottling next year.