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This may be a daft question but I am new to the Distillery - why is it called Circumstance Distillery ?

Not a daft question! Its quite an unusual name.
There are two reasons…

  1. A lesser know definition of ‘Circumstantial’ is ‘’ a description containing full details" For each of our releases we publish as much as possible about the process that created it, down to the type of yeast etc.

  2. Circumstance is our second distillery. Our first is call Psychopomp Microdistillery, so the two together are ‘Psychopomp and Circumstance’. Silly word play.

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I respect the first reason, but can’t help having a greater liking for the second reason :rofl:

How are the experiments going with the ceramic aging jars?

We havent got very far with those.
We did find a few glaze finishes that allowed oxygenation without too much evaporative loss. However the next stage is to try them out at a larger size. Its not going to be easy to find someone with a big enough kiln to fire 25L -50L custom pots with custom glazes. Better chances now we are out of lock-down though!

Well this is rather fortuitous, I genuinely might be able to help you with that. My partner operates a pretty successful pottery cafe, as such she has rather large kilns… If you can send me the physical dimensions of the pots, I can check if we can do a firing for you.

Awamori! That’s the word. I’ve been reading up on it - sounds like it should lead to some delicious offerings :slight_smile:

Oh! thats really interesting! Id not heard of Awamori
Coincidentally, we have just released a rice spirit aged for 32 months. It’s absolutely delicious mixed with soda. Awamori sounds similar.

Ah I thought that’s what gave you the idea! It’s fascinating. Apparently different minerals in the clay influence the end spirit in different ways.
I heard about it via the blog at Master of Malt - Awamori - Japan’s unknown spirit - Master of Malt Blog