Whisky and food pairings

What’s your favourite snack’n’tipple

I am a massive fan of peaty Scotch with blue cheese. Stichleton with distillers edition Lagavulin (px cask) was a memorable highlight.

Peated whisky on Oysters is a dream

Actually sprinkled on top?

Either way I now need to try this!!

Yep. Pop a peated dram in a perfume atomiser and spray it on top. The fantastic Leslie Krockenberger (who I believe now works for Maker’s Mark out in the states) introduced the same thing to me a few years ago, but infused with lavender, and it was absolutely phenomenal.

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I can see how that would be amazing. I like the booze infused smoked salmon that Pished Fish sell. It’s really good. I fancy trying it myself at some point.