New Cask from Circumstance

A new cask is available from Circumstance Distillery.

An organic grain whisky made from 85% malted barley and 15% unmalted barley. It is ageing in a 100L Andean oak cask and will be bottled in 2025.

Only 110 cask shares available. Each cask share is 70cl at cask strength.

I’m not an expert on grain whisky - but if bottling in 2025 is this not going to be very very young for a grain whisky ?

The cask is made from virgin oak and is quite small, so its going to add a lot of flavour quite quickly. We know the new make is suitable for short ageing. The bottling date is our best educated guess at the optimal time to bottle the cask, but we do have a 12 month window if we think it needs a bit longer.

Very excited for this ‘COLOMBIAN’ OAK finish - so rare and I’ve heard great things!